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Number One

Number One

AT DISTRICT HOMES, WE ARE NUMBER ONE - and we think you are too!

How do we define being number one at something? Some real estate companies are # 1 in sales (because they have hundreds of agents!), some companies are # 1 in volume (usually in specific markets), some sold the most expensive home in the area and that’s how they define it.

At District Homes, we are the most productive local company of our size in our market. Our agents sell the most per agent, which means that we have tons of experience. Referral business is our number one source of business - because our clients love us and talk about us. And this year we are the #1 company of our category in Berkeley (by Real Trends). Not bad!

But beyond all those numbers, at District Homes being number one means commitment to our clients and integrity above all. We would not want to work anywhere else. We are number one in happiness, number one in fulfillment. We derive our success from how happy our clients are, how much we have learned from them and from each other. And because of these values, we also have impressively high sales numbers and volume. 

At District Homes, we are number one for each other and we surely hope we are number one for our clients.

And to all of you, colleagues and friends, we think you are # 1 too! 

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