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You may have heard us talk often about the fact that at District Homes we are driven by happiness. Not by numbers, not by anyone defining what success is other than what we choose for ourselves. Your measure of success is only based on what you decide it is, not on what others set for you.

So when we attend our brokerage annual meeting titled "Sky's the Limit" and your CEO, my friend and amazing leader Guy Gal talks about how your potential is limitless but it should be based on what you choose for yourself and not from others, you can imagine how proud we feel to be part of the Side community.

Instead of a big ra-ra meeting where we discussed growth and accomplishments (and there are many!) Guy reflected on moving from a fear and competition mindset, away from negativity and into relying on our community of colleagues and friends to be able to keep a positive outlook on things. Focus on what you do, do it well, enjoy doing... don't compare yourself to others only to feel that you are not doing enough.

So as we start 2024, I want to say that I love that there is an alignment between my personal values, District Homes' values and Side's values. That we are all going to keep striving towards fulfillment, joy and happiness in everything we do. Together. And giving it our all, all in, always.

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