AI- Love it or Ditch it?

AI- Love it or Ditch it?

So much written about this! Here are my two cents when it comes to the use of AI in real estate.

Artificial intelligence surely can construct reasonably well-written sentences, but can it capture your listing’s soul? Can it help you decide how much to offer for a house? 

A house is not just a space within four walls; it is a place where memories were built and histories were made. Can AI ever know that, much less write about it? Can AI negotiate the best sell or buy price? Can AI explain the special feeling you get when you look out your window to see the Bay and the bridges beyond?

No. No, it can't.

That's not to say there are no good uses for AI. Ask it to help you list nearby attractions. Use it to find out overall market data trends. Even then, though, remember that each house is unique; Zillow has not seen your home (or smelled it!). AI can help you track trends, but it won't give you all the information you need to determine how much your house is truly worth. Or how much you should offer for one.

When you list a property, only a human being who knows the home and its owners can convey what the house truly is like, describe it in emotional terms and make the decisions that will propel you to your next stage in life. 

So … DON'T DITCH IT. Use AI for what it's good at, incorporate it into your business just like you incorporated email back in the day. It’s a tool, a great one (and we LOVE IT for it) but it will never ever replace your awesome, skilled and very much human real estate agent.


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