When is the Best Time? - District Homes

When is the Best Time? - District Homes
I can’t even count the number of times people ask me, “When is the best time?"
When is the best time to sell? When is the best time to buy?
My answer is always the same: Whenever is the best time for you is the best time.
Trying to time the market leaves out the most important factor: What makes the most sense for you and your family? This is about your next major step in life, not about what the real estate market is doing on a particular day.
Count on us to use our expertise to guide you through subtle nuances of listings and offers, of what and which and how. But if you are selling and your home is not ready, have patience. If you are buying, and you are not ready to commit, wait until the time is right for you.

This is a major decision in your life. Remember this one thing: It’s about your needs and wants and wishes. When is your best time?While we’re on the subject, I’ll tell you about the “best” time for me: It’s right now.

These may be uncertain times in many ways, particularly in the real estate market. But here is what I know for sure: In our four years of building District Homes, we have formed a phenomenally firm and finessed foundation that is ready to thrive through anything that comes — and then some. Every District agent gets up each morning knowing our skills, our drive and our expertise will be exactly what ensures our clients can make smart, informed decisions about what is best for them when it comes to buying or selling their home. 

If you’re having a hard time deciding what is the best time for you, let’s talk.

All in. Always.

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