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What Do You See?

What Do You See?

I love many things about fall in the East Bay. My very favorite thing is the air. It’s so clear and pure. Warmed by sunshine, we are treated to crystal views of the bay and beyond, and everything in nature is sharper, crisper, more colorful. 

This got me thinking about what people like to look at when they are at home — especially since our surroundings have become even more important recently. Beautiful views top many home-seekers’ list of desirable attributes when they are looking for their perfect property. For those who choose houses in the hills, the ability to see water, bridges and city while making dinner, relaxing on their deck or waking up in the morning is often what sold them on their property.

We’ve had some incredible bay-view properties this year, coveted by their new owners as much for what they see when they look out as they are for what they have inside.

Views are not one-size-fits-all, though. Some want to look at lush gardens and foliage. It’s wonderful to peek out your window or, even better, sit on your deck or patio, enveloped in nature, breathing in the autumn air and looking at the glorious colors in your backyard. Homes that seamlessly blend indoors with outdoors, that are surrounded by views of nature, are in just as high demand as those with bay views. We’ve sold several flora-filled properties this year, which afford a special kind of indoor/outdoor living that is unique to the East Bay.

What do you see?

Whatever your preferences, we are experts in ensuring your home — and your views — are everything you want them to be.

We are all in. Always.

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