The T in Transformation

The T in Transformation
Your home is the story of your life, of your family. Every nick and imperfection in a house has a tale to tell. If the paint on the wall is a bit chipped, or the light fixture is, perhaps, not the latest trend, it just doesn’t matter. 
When clients turn their homes over to us, it takes a tremendous amount of trust — with a capital T. They are trusting us to transform what may be the most important possession in their lives into something different, something that will appeal not to themselves, but to the next owners. It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to do this yourself when all your memories are swirling in the mix.
We transform houses, yes, but we do not make them better — just different and more appealing to potential buyers. We arrange for painting, replace lights, and refinish floors. And there’s the omnipresent mulch to highlight a beautiful garden.
What we do, we do to maximize the sales price. We know exactly where to spend resources and how to create these beautiful settings, so the next stewards of a house can imagine creating their own home in that very space. We use the trendiest colors (often from Benjamin Moore’s color of the year) and the latest in lighting (we are seeing a lot of return to warmer and more earthy tones), and our stagers work their magic to create an appealing environment to help buyers picture themselves living there.
Some transformations are subtle, some are complete. Either way, every penny, and effort we put in to change the before to the after is done with laser precision to garner the highest return on investment. Our sellers trust us to create and deliver — to transform their beloved home into a showplace of possibilities. And we are proud of both the trust they put in us and the transformations we deliver.
Some of our transformations…

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