Number 4 and Number 1

Number 4 and Number 1

Of all the real estate transactions that took place in the City of Berkeley this year, District Homes ranked 4 overall in volume of sales.

In El Cerrito, our ranking is number 1.

Considering there are just 20 of us, we're pretty proud of that.
We are a small and mighty team, and with far less agents than other brokerages, we make up for it in the amount of business we do.

But the truth is, we don't check these stats very often. We don't think too much about volume or number of transactions, or how we match up to everyone else. And that's probably the secret to how so few of us do so much in just a year – because our business is not transactions. Our business is deeply personal. It's taking tremendous pride in our work, in helping people build their lives here. It's being a trusted resource to clients for many years after we close. Our business is houses, yes, but fundamentally it's care – care for our clients and one another, care for the buildings that make up the backdrops of our lives and care for the communities that thrive here.

Being number 4 in Berkeley and number 1 in El Cerrito as the smallest company on the list is an honor.
We work hard and we're so proud of what we do, and that we do it well. But regardless of list, rank, or award, our greatest pride is simple – serving our clients, working with one another, and being all in, with every client, no matter the price point.

We are all in, always.

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