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A Treasured Glimpse

A Treasured Glimpse
I love many, many things about being a listing agent. One of my favorite aspects of this part of my job is the extraordinary glimpse I am afforded into other people’s lives.
It’s not just the opportunity to see into the physical corners of their houses; it’s the chance to become a part of their lives and accompany them as they make life-altering decisions. It’s a privilege — and a responsibility — I never take for granted. It requires a level of trust between my sellers and me that I hold sacred. 

During this usually brief period, I am welcomed into someone’s inner world, becoming part of their story and learning about their cares, their fears, their professions, their passions. It’s like I get to live a different life for a little while. What a privilege this is!

We have been working with more and more sellers as of late. It’s no wonder, with MarketWatch reporting that, between March 2020 and September 2021, the number of people leaving the Bay Area jumped 21%, according to a report from the University of California. Further, according to the 2021 Silicon Valley Poll by Joint Venture Silicon Valley, 56% of respondents say they are likely to leave the region in “the next few years.”

While we love welcoming new neighbors, we also love helping to carefully shepherd people into their next phase of life. Recent sellers include those moving to be closer to family, to start a family, to buy a house without stairs, or to embark on a new adventure in a different state — or a different country!

Those taking their leave of the Bay Area and entrusting part of their exodus journey to us come from diverse walks of life. Lucky for me, I’ve been able to step into the lives of sellers who are musicians, authors, artists, journalists, chefs, teachers, scientists and other fascinating backgrounds.

It is my honor to assist them, to learn from them, to wish them a bon voyage.

All in. Always.


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