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As Founder of District Homes, Anna leads a team of dedicated, diverse, smart real estate professionals with decades of collective experience. She forged an innovative partnership with Bay Area–based Side to power District Homes’ back end. With this partnership in place, Anna provides her clients with all the power of a tech-driven brokerage combined with the white-glove service of a boutique agency.

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Are you about to start a job teaching in Berkeley?

Anna Bellomo  |  March 20, 2023

A “Modern” House From the 1950’s in the Berkeley Hills

Anna Bellomo  |  December 19, 2022

July Market Update

Anna Bellomo  |  December 16, 2022

August Market Update

Anna Bellomo  |  December 14, 2022

Welcome to our August newsletter, where we’ll explore residential real estate trends in the East Bay and across the nation.

Modern Berkeley Craftsman with Golden Duplex

Anna Bellomo  |  December 12, 2022

Berkeley Ecology Center

Anna Bellomo  |  December 11, 2022

The Ecology Center’s mission is to inspire and build a sustainable, healthy, and just future for the East Bay, California, and beyond.

A Note From One of Our Top Agents- Sarah Ridge

Anna Bellomo  |  December 10, 2022

It takes an extra level of expertise to know how to sell it so that the buyers fully understand all that is involved in maintaining their investment.

Buying or Selling a Home with the Shelter in Place

Anna Bellomo  |  December 9, 2022

As I write this, a month into the SIP (Shelter in Place) it appears that our efforts in the East Bay Area are finally starting to pay off.

Ready to Move But Need to Sell First?

Anna Bellomo  |  October 20, 2022

Almost every week, we get calls from people that need to move, but they can’t afford to buy a new house without selling their existing one. We hear this from people ne…

“What the Heck Did I Buy?”, Said No Client of Mine Ever!

Anna Bellomo  |  October 18, 2022

Below is a recent letter written by one of our top agents, Sarah Ridge. She loves to keep in touch with her clients through quarterly newsletters. We have such uniqu…

Can You Own a Real Estate Business Without Operating a Brokerage?

Anna Bellomo  |  November 5, 2022

BY INMAN CONTENT STUDIO Anna Bellomo is the Founder and Owner of District Homes, a successful boutique real estate business. Ranked number one in the Berkeley area, Be…

Anna’s Barcelona

Anna Bellomo  |  November 6, 2022

Anna travels back to her home town in Barcelona Spain for the holidays.

Declan Spring’s Podcast with Anna

Anna Bellomo  |  November 7, 2022


Do You Look the Same as You Did Last Year?

Anna Bellomo  |  November 10, 2022

We sure don’t. It’s not because of the excess pizza or the extra-long, extra-gray hair (well, maybe a little). It’s because we wanted to evolve to better serve you.

We’ve Moved!

Anna Bellomo  |  November 13, 2022

As the news report on the reopening of California, we’re getting on board with some news of our own. Welcome to the new world, and welcome to District’s new office! We…

The Sum of Our Parts

Anna Bellomo  |  November 15, 2022

What do a diplomat, an engineer, an art appraiser and a doula have in common? They all work at District Homes.

Turns Out I’m a Hybrid. Are you?

Anna Bellomo  |  November 16, 2022

Someone asked me recently if I am a hybrid. I wasn’t sure what they meant. Apparently, they explained, it’s the term for people who now work in two places: a hybrid of…

What Do You See?

Anna Bellomo  |  November 19, 2022

I love many things about fall in the East Bay. My very favorite thing is the air. It’s so clear and pure. Warmed by sunshine, we are treated to crystal views of the ba…

The T in Transformation

Anna Bellomo  |  November 22, 2022

Your home is the story of your life, of your family. Every nick and imperfection in a house has a tale to tell. If the paint on the wall is a bit chipped, or the light…

The Gift of Giving

Anna Bellomo  |  November 23, 2022

Living in one of the most beautiful and bountiful places is a gift. Working with some of the most passionate and ethical people is a gift, too. These gifts and this co…

Who Are These Buyers? Alissa’s Market Update.

Anna Bellomo  |  November 25, 2022

Multiple offers and crazy overbids. Who are these buyers? Listen to Alissa explain some of the generational dynamics in play in our current real estate market and how …

Year in Review

Anna Bellomo  |  November 24, 2022

My, how we’ve grown! District Home now has 18 incredibly qualified, deeply passionate agents working together for our clients. Why 18? We didn’t set out to have a part…

Alissa’s 2022 Market Update

Anna Bellomo  |  November 24, 2022

What really happened in 2021 and what we think will impact our 2022 market here in the East Bay.

A Treasured Glimpse

Anna Bellomo  |  November 26, 2022

I love many, many things about being a listing agent. One of my favorite aspects of this part of my job is the extraordinary glimpse I am afforded into other people’s …

Moving From Home A to Home B

Anna Bellomo  |  November 28, 2022

We are speaking with a growing number of people who are moving from an old home to a new home. And when we asked our friends on Instagram “who wants to learn about tra…

Actual Us

Anna Bellomo  |  November 29, 2022

These days, it seems everything we used to do in person has gone virtual: work, communications, shopping. Of course, there’s something that will never, ever be virtual…

June 2022 Market Update

Anna Bellomo  |  November 30, 2022

The Big Story Mortgage rate increases slow; housing stays hot Quick Take: Record high home prices continue in the face of rising mortgage rates and record inflation. A… Read more

When is the Best Time? - District Homes

Anna Bellomo  |  December 1, 2022

I can’t even count the number of times people ask me, “When is the best time?” When is the best time to sell? When is the best time to buy? My answer is always the sam…

Taking Control in a Cooler Market

Anna Bellomo  |  December 2, 2022

Here in the Bay Area, we’ve grown so accustomed to a crazy, red-hot housing market that it is hard to remember what it’s like to have a market that isn’t roaringly ins…

Fall 2022- Alissa’s Market Update

Anna Bellomo  |  December 3, 2022

In the past year, homes in the inner East Bay* appreciated 18% and we saw prices climb even higher from January to the June peak (to a median price of $1.45 million).

Timing the Market- the Time is Now

Anna Bellomo  |  December 4, 2022

Buying During a (Temporary) Rate Hike

Anna Bellomo  |  December 4, 2022

A bit of advice from Bhima - read if you like numbers!

East Bay Market Update November

Anna Bellomo  |  December 6, 2022

District Gives

Anna Bellomo  |  December 7, 2022


Meet Anna

Anna Bellomo founded District Homes in 2018, building on a successful career as business person and realtor®. Her legal and business acumen augments her deep real estate expertise and unmatched local market knowledge.
As Founder of District Homes, Anna leads a team of dedicated, diverse, smart real estate professionals with decades of collective experience. She forged an innovative partnership with Bay Area–based Side to power District Homes’ back end. With this partnership in place, Anna provides her clients with all the power of a tech-driven brokerage combined with the white-glove service of a boutique agency.

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Mike M.
Words cannot fully encompass my wife’s and my experience with, or our gratitude for, Anna as our selling agent. I have NEVER been involved with a real estate agent of her caliber before. There were a number of challenges with this sale; namely that we live 2 hours from the property and we were constrained by a tight budget. Anna went above and beyond any preconceived notion of what a selling agent can ...

— Mike M.

Anna L.
We cannot say enough about the exceptional service we received from Anna Bellomo. Anna came into a delicate situation which she handled masterfully – calmly and professionally. Throughout the challenging process, she was always available for questions and we felt truly listened to. While not imposing, Anna helped us make the best decisions with reassuring expert guidance. Knowing that we had a firm advoc...

— Anna L.

Meghan M.
I write this review from our dream home, sitting out looking at our dream view, and none of this would have been possible without Anna’s tenacious, industrious, and kind-hearted work. Our buying experience with Anna in one word: seamless. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly the top of the real estate game. She was up front and candid while also serving as a listening ear and even sometimes part the...

— Meghan M.

Matthew Q.
Quite frankly Anna and her team did everything, and I just had to step out of the way. The end result was a house that sold within a week with 10 offers over asking and a final sale nearly 2X the original asking price. She managed updates to the house and yard, took care of staging, handled inspections and was even prepared to find a proper home for my collection of National Geographics had I not passed...

— Matthew Q.

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