A Note From One of Our Top Agents- Sarah Ridge

A Note From One of Our Top Agents- Sarah Ridge
I credit my husband, in part, for my success as a Realtor®. Over our 26 years together he has downloaded the knowledge he has gained (sometimes I’ve been a willing audience, others times, not so much) as a master framer, roof framer, and concrete former.
Here in the East Bay Area, our housing stock is typically about 100 years old. It takes an extra level of expertise to know how to sell it so that the buyers fully understand all that is involved in maintaining their investment.
Because of the knowledge, my husband has given me over the years, (and the 100’s of hours I’ve spent on the job site, looking at plans with him, learning how he estimates, does a lumber takeoff, etc), I am able to bring this unique skill to my service as a Realtor®.
In my Yelp reviews and in my referrals, I am told how invaluable this knowledge has been for my clients. I’ve focused more and more of my energies on not only the pre-offer-due-diligence-investigatory element of my role but on the post-purchase follow-up care.
Part of the full service I offer happens after my clients have moved into their new home and involve a secondary, comprehensive recap of the home and pest inspection (and any additional reports or estimates in the disclosures) as well as a complete list of trusted vendors. Additionally, I help my clients create an estimate, itemized by priority, of work needed and work wanted.
And finally, over the months and years that my clients are living in the home, I encourage their calls so that I can continue to provide vendors and advice.
Just a few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours with clients who closed on their homes well over a year ago. We reviewed the bid from the architect they’re interviewing and then I went through the home examining the spaces they hoped to remodel and came up with a game plan to potentially enable them to get what they want out of the house for less money and with less wasted space. The next day I wrote them a recap email outlining everything I had suggested.
This is just an example of my follow-through service style.
This is not the typical Realtor® - Client relationship – I am not the typical Realtor®.
If you or your family or friends are looking to buy or sell in the East Bay, I am grateful for your referral!

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